Together with Kate Saunders (Supervising Counsel for the Litigation Group, Legal Services Branch, Ministry of Attorney General), Jeff Robinson co-chaired Mind the Skills Gap: Lessons in Court Practice and Decorum. This program was hosted by The Advocates Society and featured two panel discussions with impressive faculty.

The first panel comprised three noted advocates:

Titled “Teachable Moments in the Courtroom: Things You Might Have Missed,” the panel’s discussion addressed many lessons that may have escaped junior advocates who missed out on courtroom experience during COVID-19 restrictions.

The second panel discussion — “View from the Bench: Best Practices in Civility and Decorum” — was blessed to have input from three noted and thoughtful jurists:

  • The Honourable Justice Susan A. Griffin, British Columbia Court of Appeal
  • The Honourable Justice Karen Horsman, British Columbia Court of Appeal
  • The Honourable Justice Geoffrey Gomery, Supreme Court of British Columbia

More than just a reminder of the critical importance of civility, this discussion was a revealing portrait of judges’ humanity and humility, and a reminder of counsel’s overriding duty to serve justice.