Students & Careers

We’re in this together. We know excellence is not an accident, and we believe our team is as important as any individual victory. So when you’re on our team, we invest in you.


You are the Future of the Firm

And if you’ve convinced us to bring you aboard, we know you’ve got the goods. So why waste a good thing? Your student experience will be shaped immediately by our three commitments to you:

  • serious mentorship: law is a practice that begins with apprenticeship
  • real experience, right now
  • more mentorship
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We Take Culture Seriously

Call us over-achievers. But we want the best for our clients and for our team. That means we believe legal excellence doesn’t happen in a vacuum—raw intellect, superior skill and hard work aren’t enough. So we value and foster good working relationships between colleagues. Collegiality isn’t just a buzz word for us, it’s the natural product of our commitment to fostering a positive culture.

  • Our values are the culture.
  • Our reputation is earned.
  • Engagement not just employment.
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