Win after court battle in significant shareholder dispute

In a hard-fought shareholder dispute involving a large family company, we achieved a court order to wind-up a significant landholding corporation in the Okanagan valley.  In doing so, we successfully ended a dispute between a second generation of family members—which dispute, before our involvement, had drawn on over a decade.

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Favourable settlement in complex real estate development dispute

In a complex real estate development dispute involving over $20 million in lakefront assets, we achieved a highly structured and beneficial settlement for our client.

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Practice Areas

Corporate and commercial litigation

Corporate and commercial litigation forms the core of our work as advocates. Our firm was founded as a commercial litigation boutique and we are recognized leaders in this practice area.

Complex torts

We regularly act for clients in complex tort disputes, including negligent and fraudulent misrepresentation, breach of fiduciary duty, professional and government negligence, environmental litigation, and defamation.

Family litigation

For over a decade we have earned a reputation as the top family law litigators in the BC Interior, particularly in cases involving high asset values, corporations and family trusts.

Real estate and construction disputes

We are leading litigators in all matters involving real estate, from collapsing transactions to land use disputes to complex multi-party construction disputes and insurance coverage.

Estate litigation

We have extensive experience as counsel in estate litigation cases, often involving tax planning trust structures, challenges to wills, and allegations of breach of fiduciary duty.

Appellate advocacy

No other lawyers in the BC Interior possess our skill and expertise as appellate advocates. We have the intellectual rigour and dedication required to win cases on appeal.

Arbitration and alternative dispute resolution

We strategically employ ADR methods to conclude disputes out of court. We have particular expertise in commercial arbitrations and mediations, where we serve as both counsel and neutrals.

Intellectual property litigation

We possess unique experience in our market in intellectual property disputes, including in patent, trademark and copyright litigation, as well as disputes concerning trade secrets and licensing.

Foreclosure, insolvency and creditors’ remedies

We act for both creditors and debtors in cases involving mortgage foreclosures, receiverships and liquidations, statutory bankruptcy proceedings, and realization on security and court judgments.

Employment litigation

We are skilled advocates in employment disputes, including in cases involving wrongful termination, discrimination, retaliation, and breaches of restrictive covenants.