At Rush, we possess a reputation for our expertise in complex torts, a field of law that requires meticulous attention to detail, rigorous investigation, and a deep understanding of intricate legal principles. 

We have experience litigating a broad spectrum of complex tort disputes, including negligent and fraudulent misrepresentation, breach of fiduciary duty, professional and government negligence, environmental litigation, and defamation. Our team is skilled at untangling the complexities of these disputes, which often involve numerous parties, complicated factual circumstances, specialized expert evidence and substantial financial stakes.

Our complex tort claims practice is a natural outgrowth of our core corporate and commercial work. Businesses and individuals come to us for our deep legal knowledge and ability to cut through complexity and confusion in complex tort claims.

We frequently litigate claims based on fraudulent and negligent misrepresentation and breach of fiduciary duty in the context of business transactions and relationships gone awry. In these cases, our clients value our ability to see their dispute from different legal perspectives and they trust our exacting approach to proving these highly fact-driven claims.

Our clients also turn to us when reliance on professionals to provide competent services or advice has turned out badly. We have experience handling professional negligence claims across a broad range of professional disciplines, including engineers, architects, accountants, real estate agents, insurance agents and financial advisors. We know how to develop the proof required to succeed on the causation and standard of care issues at the heart of these claims.

Government negligence and misconduct is another area of speciality for us. We have experience assisting clients who have suffered losses because of negligence by municipal and provincial government actors . Our team understands how to approach these claims in view of the unique role of government and the statutory context of each case.

In the area of environmental litigation, our firm represents clients in disputes arising from interference with streams, contamination, and non-compliance with environmental regulations. We combine our knowledge of environmental laws with a sophisticated understanding of scientific principles to advocate effectively for our clients.

Defamation is another area where our firm has uniquely deep experience in our market. Our business clients call on us to defend their reputation when it has been unfairly attacked. We understand how to use trade libel claims to protect our client’s goodwill and its competitive advantages. We also defend our clients against unjustified defamation charges and stand up for their rights to compete fairly and express themselves freely.

Our firm is known for its thorough preparation, innovative legal strategies and aggressive advocacy, all of which are essential to prevailing in complex tort cases. We understand that complex tort litigation can be daunting for our clients, and we strive to demystify the process, keeping our clients informed and involved at every stage. We know that focused and thorough investigations and meticulously marshalled evidence delivers winning results in the courtroom and at the negotiating table. With a deep roster of capable lawyers, we are well-equipped to staff the most complex matters with a team that deploys our clients’ resources to maximum effect.