Our firm is distinguished by its broad expertise in estate litigation, an area of law where personal sensitivities intersect with complex legal issues.

Recognizing the emotional toll of estate disputes, we approach each case with empathy and respect, while always assertively advancing our clients’ interests.

We are proficient in handling a wide spectrum of estate disputes, including will variation claims, trust litigation, fiduciary litigation, claims against estate executors, and issues related to the interpretation of wills and trusts. We understand that the stakes are often high in estate litigation, impacting not just significant financial assets but also deeply personal relationships.

In the area of will variation claims, we are skilled in handling cases involving undue influence, mental incapacity, fraud, and challenges to the proper execution of the will. Our team conducts thorough investigations, collaborating with medical experts, forensic accountants and other professionals to build strong, evidence-based cases.

Trust litigation is another area of our expertise. We represent beneficiaries, trustees, and third parties in disputes arising from trust administration, including breach of fiduciary duty, failure to provide proper accounting, and challenges to the validity of the trust itself. Our lawyers use their deep knowledge of trust law to protect our clients’ rights and to ensure fair and accurate administration of trusts.

Fiduciary litigation is a particularly delicate area of estate litigation, often involving allegations of fraud, mismanagement, and breach of fiduciary duty against those entrusted with administering an estate or trust. Our team is committed to holding fiduciaries accountable for their actions, and we vigorously represent our clients’ interests in these complex disputes.

In the realm of executor claims, we stand ready to handle issues such as executor misconduct, disputes over executor fees, or removal of an executor. We understand the legal duties and responsibilities of executors and are adept at using this knowledge to guide our litigation strategy.

Our lawyers also possess the analytical skills necessary to interpret wills and trusts, particularly when ambiguities arise or when these documents are challenged. We bring an in-depth understanding of the law and proven problem-solving skills to resolve these issues efficiently and effectively.

Our firm is adept at alternative dispute resolution methods such as negotiation, mediation, and arbitration. We often use these techniques to resolve estate disputes, valuing the privacy, cost-effectiveness, and control these methods offer our clients. However, when court intervention is necessary, we are prepared to litigate aggressively on our clients’ behalf.

In all our estate litigation work, we maintain close communication with our clients. We believe in keeping our clients informed at every stage of the litigation process, providing clear, honest, and practical advice. We understand that estate litigation can be challenging, emotionally charged, and deeply personal. We treat each case with the care and dedication it deserves, providing not only exceptional legal representation but also the support our clients need during a difficult time.