We got where we are drawing on the strength and guidance of our mentors. We pay it forward. Students are our opportunity to bring out the best in us as mentors and leaders: a steady hand on the tiller, a standard bearer, and someone to put it all in perspective on the tough days (we all have them).  

Why choose Rush

You want to push for excellence without sacrificing experience. You take your potential seriously, without taking yourself seriously. And you know there is life outside of law.

These are the same reasons we practice together in the heart of the Okanagan Valley. Quality of life isn’t only at our firm, it’s at your doorstep:

  • Natural Beauty: Kelowna is a jewel in the Okanagan Valley, renowned for its picturesque landscape of mountains, lakes, vineyards, and orchards.
  • Recreational Haven: Kelowna’s mild climate and diverse landscape make it a destination for endless outdoor recreation any time of the year, including hiking, biking, boating, fishing, golfing, and skiing of every variety.
  • Gateway to the Okanagan: tourists flock to Kelowna for its proximity to western Canada’s wine industry, its culinary scene known for the farm-to-table experience, and its calendar of cultural events, from festivals and exhibitions to resorts, shows, and events.

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