In British Columbia in 2022, the Supreme Court “bumped” (i.e. delayed hearings because of the lack of judicial resources) 10.9% of all long chambers applications, 24.6% of civil trials (102 bumped compared to 312 heard) and 14.4% of family trials (26 bumped compared to 154 heard).

This is just one of the facts cited in The Advocates’ Society’s urgent call to action Delay No Longer. The Time to Act is Now. Jeff Robinson is proud to have joined his colleagues on The Advocates’ Society Task Force on Civil Justice Delay in this effort to make real change. As a part of a firm that prizes timeliness and results, Jeff knows that court bottlenecks unfairly disadvantage clients with worthy cases. As a contributing author to the call to action, Jeff provided a British Columbia perspective and helped develop the call to action’s suggestions for reform.

The call to action draws attention to the crisis in Canada’s civil and family justice system, and implores federal, provincial and territorial governments to urgently dedicate additional resources to the civil and family justice system. It also contains concrete suggestions for immediate action to solve the endemic delays plaguing civil and family justice across Canada.