Our firm takes pride in its expertise in appellate advocacy.

This demanding area of law requires refined legal scholarship, nuanced understanding of precedents, and the ability to persuasively communicate complex legal arguments. Our team consistently exhibits these qualities, providing our clients with unrivaled representation at the appellate level.

We have experience in a wide range of appellate matters, including shareholder and commercial disputes, complex torts, family law disputes, and judicial review cases. Our clients range from individuals and small businesses to large corporations, each benefiting from our diligent, strategic, and dedicated approach.

Our success in appellate advocacy is a testament to our team’s depth of knowledge and commitment to our clients. We meticulously scrutinize trial records, identifying legal errors and formulating compelling arguments for appeal. 

In the realm of administrative appeals and judicial review cases, our team offers skilled representation to clients challenging decisions made by government agencies. We understand the intricacies of administrative law and the unique procedures of administrative tribunals, enabling us to navigate these complex processes effectively.

Our firm is known for its rigorous preparation and strategic approach to appellate advocacy. We invest our time deliberately in legal research, factum writing and oral argument preparation. Our factums are meticulously drafted, blending persuasive legal analysis with clear, concise writing. We also understand that a well-prepared and skillfully presented oral argument is pivotal in an appeal and we are always thoroughly prepared for oral hearings.

We maintain an open and transparent line of communication with our clients throughout the appellate process. We believe in keeping our clients informed and involved, providing them with a clear understanding of their legal position, potential outcomes and strategic options.

In a constantly evolving appellate landscape, we are committed to staying at the forefront of the law. Our lawyers regularly contribute to continuing legal education and professional development programs across the province, which ensures our position as leaders in the area and refines our knowledge and skill.