Corporate and commercial litigation forms the core of our work as advocates.  

Our firm was founded as a commercial litigation boutique and we are recognized leaders in this practice area.

At Rush, we pride ourselves on our expertise in corporate and commercial litigation.  We have deep bench strength in this area and our record proves it: we have acted in numerous precedent-setting commercial cases across British Columbia.  We have the legal knowledge and strategic acumen to make the difference in our clients’ cases.  Over many years of capable and ethical conduct in litigation, we have developed the respect of the counsel we act against and the trust of the judges we appear before.  We are authoritative voices in the area of corporate and commercial litigation, and we bring this authority to bear for every client we serve.

Our litigators consistently deliver results through an approach that emphasizes careful case analysis, meticulous planning and strategic execution. This balanced approach ensures our representation is grounded in an understanding of our clients’ business objectives, legal needs, and the specific industry dynamics at play. Our track record in securing favorable judgments, settlements, and arbitration awards has made us a trusted ally for businesses ranging from startups to large corporations.

Our expertise spans a broad spectrum of corporate and commercial disputes including shareholder and partnership cases, contract claims, breaches of trust and fiduciary duty, business torts, securities litigation, intellectual property disputes and debt collection. We have proven experience in all aspects of dispute resolution, from pre-litigation counseling and negotiation to trial advocacy, appeals, judicial reviews, and judgment enforcement.

We believe that prevention is better than cure. To this end, we enjoy working with our business clients to manage risk before disputes crystallize.  But if a dispute is unavoidable, we advocate fearlessly, both at the settlement table and in court. We are well known for our unwavering commitment to our clients’ best interests, no matter the scale or complexity of the dispute. We marshal our lawyers’ time efficiently and we draw upon access to cutting-edge legal technology and expert witnesses to build compelling cases. 

Throughout any litigation process, our commitment to client communication remains a priority. We ensure our clients are well informed at each step, understanding the strengths and vulnerabilities of their cases and the potential implications of each strategic decision. This transparent approach allows our clients to make informed decisions that align with their business goals.  

Additionally, we understand the reputational risks that litigation can bring. As such, we handle every case with the utmost sensitivity and discretion, always mindful of potential public and media attention. We collaborate with our clients to manage these potential risks, working towards not only legal victories but also protecting our clients’ public image.

In a rapidly evolving legal landscape, we commit ourselves to staying at the forefront of corporate and commercial litigation.  We continually invest in our team’s professional development, ensuring we remain abreast of emerging trends, landmark cases, and legislative changes, thereby delivering informed, innovative and practical legal solutions.