Our firm has long been recognized for its expertise in foreclosures, insolvency litigation and creditors’ remedies.  

These are intertwined areas of law that require a deep understanding of complex legal and financial concepts. Our team combines thorough legal knowledge and strategic insight, providing our clients with unparalleled representation in these critical matters.

Our practice spans a broad spectrum of insolvency issues, including foreclosures, receiverships, bankruptcies, liquidations, restructurings, and creditors’ rights. Our clients range from individual homeowners and small businesses to lenders, creditors, and insolvency practitioners such as bankruptcy trustees, all of whom benefit from our rigorous, creative, and client-focused approach.

In the area of foreclosure litigation, we represent both lenders and borrowers in disputes arising from default on mortgage loans. Our team is skilled at investigating and resolving issues related to loan validity, compliance with foreclosure procedures, and rights of redemption, always striving to protect our clients’ rights and interests.

Our insolvency practice is equally robust. We represent debtors and creditors in proceedings under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act and the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act, providing guidance through each step of the process, from initial filings to the distribution of assets. Our lawyers have a thorough understanding of bankruptcy laws and procedures and use our expertise to help our clients navigate these intricate processes effectively.

In situations where a company is facing financial distress but seeks to avoid bankruptcy, we assist with corporate restructurings and workouts. We work collaboratively with stakeholders to negotiate and implement strategies that aim to restore financial health while protecting our clients’ interests.

We also excel at protecting creditors’ rights.  We represent creditors in foreclosure, bankruptcy, and restructuring proceedings, as well as in bids to enforce judgments outside the insolvency context. Our lawyers are adept at asserting our clients’ rights to payment, securing their interests in collateral, and challenging fraudulent transfers and preferences.

Our firm is known for its strategic approach to foreclosure and insolvency litigation. We invest significant resources into understanding our clients’ unique circumstances and objectives, enabling us to devise legal strategies tailored to their needs. We aim to resolve disputes efficiently and effectively, minimizing the impact of foreclosure or insolvency on our clients’ financial stability and reputation.

Communication with our clients is a cornerstone of our practice. We believe in providing clear, honest, and timely advice, ensuring that our clients understand their legal positions, the potential outcomes and the strategies available to them.