We take pride in our unrivaled expertise in real estate and construction litigation.

We are at the cutting edge of this dynamic and complex area of law, providing strategic and innovative legal solutions to property owners, real estate developers, contractors, and other industry professionals.

Our practice encompasses a wide range of real estate and construction disputes, including those related to breach of real estate and construction contracts, construction defects, property rights disputes, land use, zoning issues and expropriation. 

In the area of contract disputes, we excel in handling complex issues arising from purchase and sale agreements, lease agreements, joint venture agreements for land development, and other types of real estate contracts. Our expertise is particularly distinguished in the arena of collapsing real estate deals, where timely and highly strategic advice is critical to preserve claims and defences as situations unfold in real time.  

When it comes to construction litigation, we regularly represent clients in disputes over construction defects, delays, cost overruns, ripple damages, and related matters. We understand the intricacies of construction law, construction contracts, building codes, and industry standards. Our firm collaborates with a network of expert witnesses, such as architects, engineers, quantity surveyors and construction managers, to bolster our cases.

Property disputes form a significant part of our practice. Whether it’s claims for nuisance, boundary disputes, easement issues, or lakefront property issues such as foreshore boundaries or accretion, we bring a depth of experience and knowledge to resolve these matters. Our team has a keen understanding of property law and is adept at crafting solutions that protect our clients’ property rights.

We are also proficient in handling land use and zoning disputes. Whether our clients are facing issues with zoning regulations, land development, or environmental compliance, we offer strategic advice and vigorous advocacy. Our lawyers have experience coordinating with municipal and regulatory authorities, and we leverage this experience to advance our clients’ interests.

Expropriation-related litigation is another area where we have established a strong track record. We fight to protect our clients’ rights when their property is targeted for seizure by the government. Our lawyers are skilled at challenging expropriation proceedings and negotiating just compensation for our clients.

Finally, we possess deep expertise in insurance coverage litigation, where we represent insured parties when their insurer has unjustly denied claims.  We regularly litigate these matters in court, and have achieved numerous successful settlement outcomes for our clients on insurance coverage disputes.

Our firm is committed to proactive problem-solving. We work with our clients to identify potential legal risks and devise strategies to avoid litigation. However, when disputes do arise, we are prepared to litigate fiercely on our clients’ behalf. We are equally comfortable in the negotiation room, the courtroom, or before an arbitration panel, always driving toward our clients’ optimal outcomes.