With a focus on compassion, dedication and assertiveness, we offer unparalleled expertise in family law cases.

Our team of experienced lawyers understands the complexity and emotional difficulty of these matters and is committed to delivering the best possible results for our clients.  

Our family law practice handles a broad range of issues, including divorce, child custody and visitation, spousal and child support, property division, post-judgment modifications, and family agreements. We prioritize the best interests of our clients and their families and strive to achieve favorable outcomes with minimal disruption to our clients’ lives.

In the realm of divorce litigation, we have represented clients in every imaginable situation, from straightforward uncontested divorces to the most complex high-asset marital dissolutions. We understand that every divorce case is unique and requires a customized approach. As such, we work closely with our clients, listening to their concerns, understanding their objectives and devising a strategy that best meets their needs and circumstances.

In property division disputes, our depth of experience is unmatched in our market. We understand the complexities involved in identifying, valuing, and dividing marital assets and liabilities. Whether the marital estate includes real estate, businesses, retirement accounts, or unique assets and structures such as family trusts, our lawyers are proficient in breaking down the issues and achieving results for our clients.

When dealing with child custody and visitation issues, we bring a balanced approach, always bearing in mind the best interests of the child. We ensure our clients understand the intricacies of custody law and we guide them in formulating practical and child-focused parenting plans.

Our firm also offers strong representation in spousal and child support cases. With extensive knowledge of support guidelines, we assist clients in securing fair and equitable court orders. We understand that financial stability is crucial during and after the divorce process and we work diligently to ensure that our clients are adequately protected.

We also provide skilled representation in post-judgment modification and enforcement applications. Whether circumstances have changed, requiring adjustments to existing orders, or there is a need to ensure compliance with a court order, we stand ready to provide the necessary legal support.

Not all family law matters end up in court. Though we never turn away from necessary confrontation, we are most pleased when we can resolve our clients’ family law disputes quickly and with minimum acrimony. We often utilize mediation and mediation-arbitration; these alternative dispute resolution options provide a less adversarial and more cost-effective path to resolution while giving clients greater control over the outcome.

We believe in treating every client with respect and sensitivity. We understand the emotional stress inherent in family law disputes and we strive to provide a supportive environment for our clients. We aim to provide clarity amidst confusion, providing our clients with a clear roadmap through the difficult issues that arise.